Winsvc.exe always a Trojan Horse?

Is winsvc.exe always a trojan or can it be a legitimate file? AVG alerted me when I most recently plugged my iPod shuffle in. Can an iPod be infected?
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  1. 1. winsvc.exe is the name of a file used by the windows operating system, but there are trojans that can use the same name with the file in a different location.

    2. since this is a windows system file, it should not appear on your ipod. the ipod doesn't have anything to do with that file, so you can go ahead and delete it.

    3. your AV program is probably right.
  2. Thanks for responding! I read the info in the link you posted, but I can't seem to find the winsvc.exe file anywhere on my computer. I have searched in the system 32 folder, and many other WINDOWS folders, as well as trying to find it using "search". It's not listed in my "processes", which seems like a good sign.

    I have synced this iPod shuffle to this computer before with no issue, and I have not synced it with any other computer. I recently installed updates from AVG. I wonder if it could be a file windows uses to read the shuffle? When I sync my iPod Nano, I have no such issues, though. Can an MP3 player get a virus? Is AVG just being paranoid, so to speak? The AVG alert only pops up when I connect the shuffle.
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