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I have a ati radeon x1600 dual out card . Can I add another card to have more outputs ? I have 1 pci x1 and 1 pci port .
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  1. pci???

    You use a PCI x1600? Is there even a PCI version of this card? I thought it's AGP and PCI-E
  2. yes PCI Express ×16
  3. radeon X1600
  4. How can i have 3 monitors
  5. myke13 said:
    How can i have 3 monitors

    Only if your motherboard has IGP, Integrated Graphics. Then you should be able to enable 'surround view' in your BIOS. Otherwise you need 2 videocards, and i doubt your motherboard supports that...?
  6. Well I bought another ati card and after a while between ati software and ultramon I got all three to work. The only prob is after I was done I restarted windows froze and I couldn't get it to work. Even when I uninstaled the new card and tried it all over again. How do I know if my mobo supports 2 cards. If not I will build one that can. Thanks mike
  7. what motherboard do you have?
  8. It's an intel dg956lv
  9. I just had it working again windows saw the third monitor and ultramon (multi screen software) saved display profile. It was all good three different pages 1440x900. Then I restarted to see if it kept and now blank screens. I thought once it worked it always worked. In the device mananger everything is fine. Even ati software picks up the 2 card 4 monitor setup even though I'm only using three
  10. I'll even send you a pic to show you that it was nobody believes me. They say it can't. LOL
  11. It seems with that card in windows can't load correcty. Just my luck
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