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Hello,there is an unusual problem with my pc and i need a fix.My hard disk to pendrive copying speed all of a sudden i am getting only around 5-7 for filling any pendrive it takes double or even triple the time compared to the past.but there is no problem when copying from pendrive to harddisk back.i completely formated the hdd,reinstalled OS,tried different os(xp,xpx64,win7etc), its still the system configs are 1gb ddr2 ram,intel dual core e2140,160 gb segate sata2,intel D945gcnl chipset,nvidia 8400gs 512mb ddr2 64bit.can it be the problem of motherboard???my pc is 2.5 years old.i tried different branded pendrives but no difference in speed.i cheched the solid state drive alignment for pendrives it shows 16 kb-bad....result with AS SSD benchmark.
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  1. Check your BIOS for a USB speed setting. Some motherboards allow limiting the USB speed down to USB 1 for compatibility with legacy hardware. USB 2 is supposed to be backwards compatible, but a few things need the issue forced, so some board manufacturers include the option. Also, many motherboards have a feature where they reset themselves to the default BIOS settings under certain circumstances, for instance if overclocking fails, or the system experiences an overheating issue, in order to protect the system from damage. Some boards will warn you or even ask you if they can reset themselves. Some just do it and you would not even notice it except for a sudden, spontaneous change in performance. The defaults usually include a lot of autodetection, so things like hard drives still work and cpus function normally, especially if you weren't overclocking before. Another scenario that would reset your BIOS would be a dead or dying BIOS battery. They last a really long time, but I've had several fail, even newer ones in recent years, and when it happens, the BIOS has no way of remembering custom settings. You would think that the default USB speed would be the highest possible, but it isn't always the case.

    Good luck, hope this helps.
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