Some trouble with Oblivion

I recently got an Nvidia 9600 GSO card and, while I'm generally quite pleased with it, I'm encountering a minor problem when running Oblivion.
I'm getting a flickering or rippling effect in shadows and dark textures. I've tried changing various game settings, including the lighting, resolution, and texture size. Also tried changing the refresh rate on my monitor to no effect. I've tried a number of different drivers for this card, currently using the latest one, and none of them have any effect on the problem.
My specs:
AMD 64 2.2GHZ dual core processor
2 G of ram
Nvidia 9600 GSO 768 MB DDR2
600 watt power supply

I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer!
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  1. I tried that to no effect.
    Actually, I just noticed that I get the same issue in World of Warcraft...any ideas?
  2. Try enabling or disabling Vsynch, and check the temps of your card.
  3. Temperature's 50C, nothing to write home about.
    I've tried toggling vsynch, no effect.
  4. Two things, first try changing the level of AF, max sure it's set to Quality and try 4X and then 16X and see if the texture crawl goes away.

    If that doesn't do it, another thing to try is tweaking the max number of frames to render ahead 'pre-rendered frames', set it to '0' and see if that helps.
  5. try underclocking the shaders?
  6. Tried fiddling with the AF and the prerendered frames, still nothing over here.
  7. Also just tried underclocking the shaders, to no effect.
  8. Ok, just tried setting the antialiasing to 8xQ and that seems to mitigate the problem, but it doesn't fix it completely. It's an awful lot less noticeable now, though.
  9. AA would help, but that's essentially just smothing out the image of the texture crawl, and at a huge performance penalty I would think.

    Not sure what it could be though, the things I would think associated with it aren't working, and you tried adjusting texture quality.

    The only other thing I could suggest would be to try the texture mods like Qarl's.

    But a good resource for info is the ElderScrolls forum. They've got alot of people in the hardware section, NotTheKing is one of the fairly active guys over there.
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