Team Finland LIVE OC Phenom X6 | www.AMDBlackOps | Sunday Noon Central


Starts Sunday 12:00 Noon Central Time Zone US

8:00PM Helsinki Finland

You are Invited | You have seen live streams | You have seen overclocking | You have seen high definition | You have seen celebrations of a single moment around the world

AMD Black Ops | Live stream overclocking in high definition at a single moment around the world

The AMD Black Ops Experience Is Excellent - Take a Look at Black Ops From Friday


See the AMD Phenom™ II X6 Processor debut in an event like none before

Overclocking teams around the world streamed live and in high definition on Friday April 30th

First, The Always Entertaining & Enlightening Event Disclaimer

Overclocking and extreme cooling is certain to void your hardware warranties and could cause serious damage to your PC hardware. We destroy motherboards, processors, and graphics cards at an alarming rate doing it. Liquid Helium and Liquid Nitrogen are incredibly dangerous in untrained hands and among some of the coldest substances in the universe. You are watching some of the most experienced and methodical overclockers in the world and you should not attempt any of what you see without major safety precautions and seriously thinking about the potential consequences of your actions.
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  1. Cool. BTW, you can pour LN2 all over your hands, as long as they are flat, and do not catch any puddles of LN2 AFAIK, and your hands won't freeze up because of the Leidenfrost effect, seen in this video: - skip to 5:50.

    But if you don't know what you are doing, don't do it... :kaola:

    As for liquid helium... I wouldn't mess with that stuff.
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