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I have an HP 8000DN connected to my coputer through a small wired home network. my operating system is XP pro. Recently, I've been experiencing document failed to prin errors. The error is almost instantaneous. I can turn of the printer and restart it, which often works. I've changed out the Jet Direct card, but it did't help. This is frustrating. I can seem yo print several documents, and sooner or later, I get the failed to print message. When I open the printer tassk icon in my system tray, it says error. I don't know how to find the error log to determine what is specifically happening. Any help or suggestions would be deeply appreciated.
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  1. printer problems are case by case issues, since there's such a myriad of things that can be happening.

    As a general procedure, make sure you have the latest drivers available for you printer.
    Right click "my computer" select Properties, in the next dialog window select the "Hardware" tab and click the button that says "Device Manager." Make sure that you don't have any yellow exclamation points or red question marks next to any devices.
    try HP solution center

    It's hard to say what exactly is wrong

    what program are you typically using to print? does it happen with one program only or fails to print no matter the source?
  2. It happens with Word and pDF files as well. I do have the latest drivers from HP.
  3. Furthet to the issue. I have two TCP/IP port printers connected to computer. I'm also showing a PDF printer in my printers and Fax folder. Interestingly, the pDF printer is using a different driver than my default HP Laserjet 8000DN, which is my default printer.

    This problem really started ocurring immediately after I upgraded to Adobe Acrobat X Pro from version 9 extended pro, where I never had a problem.
  4. did you have the said PDF printer before installing Adobe 10? if not then it might be a conflict between pdf printer and HP one
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