Overclocking Q6600 with 680i board - need help.

Q6600 with P5N32E Sli+ Board, have the following settings to try and get a 3GHZ clock.

FSB Memory Clock mode: Unlinked
FSB MHZ: 1333
FSB DDR: 667

Vcore 1.3V (auto setting is 1.28V)
Memory 1.85
1.2HT 1.2V
NB Core 1.3V
SB Core 1.5V

Memory timings 5-5-5-15

Bios kicks in and says CPU is at 3GHZ and windows 7 loading screen comes on, then BSOD. How can I improve on these settings to actually get windows to boot?
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  1. Well, I've made some progress since this initial post. I read a few more posts on other sites and increased CPU VTT to max out at 1.55 volts. System boots fine now. However, games crash now about 5 mins in, not sure what to change next. I'm using a 9x multiplier, 1333 fsb and 3:2 ratio.
  2. It probably needs more vcore. I'd raise vCore before raising VTT.
  3. ok, at stock, according to CPU-Z, Vcore = 1.28V. I increased this to 1.29, still crashing, then increased it to 1.3, still crashing. Should I be increasing the NB / SB voltage at the same time as doing this?
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