Is there a program that can control ALL fans?


when i'm gaming i'm usually bumping up my video card fan settings in Catalyst control center, and it works fine. I also have 3 case fans, which i want to bump up as well.

i was wondering if there's a program that can control not only my video card fan, but also my case fans, and hopefully use a profile for that job?
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    Remember your fans must support speed changing for this program to work.
  2. Your mobo might have some fan headers on it. They are usually small 3 pin connectors, sometimes 4 pin. Each fan header can be controlled by the bios.

    You can read up in your mobo book and might find info here somewhere. or use Google and see what you find.

    Or you could buy a fan controller that has sensors you can place anywhere you want and let the controller adjust the speeds.

    You'll probably need to redo your fan connectors to the small 3 pin.
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