Need a case that fits two ATI graphics cards

I plan on buying one 4870 ATI crossfire card and another one for later on. Now would this case be able to fit two 4870 ATI graphics cards?

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

If not know a good computer case that be able to fit them. Around 100 bucks or below is my price range.
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  1. If you get Nine Hundred. Some of the large CPU coolers won't fit on it if you want to have the side 120mm fan installed. I would get a Thermaltake V9 - around $100
  2. get an Antec B180-Mini

    got a large katanaII cooler in there and dual 4870 cool and quiet case and still plenty of room for 2 opticals and 3 hdds
  3. Two video cards will fit inside the Antec Nine Hundred case. Some of the newer video cards are about 10.5 inches long. You may have to reposition the hard drive cage to make room the extra long video cards. Not a big deal.

    I have not seen any sales figure but from articles, reviews, a forum posts it appears as if the Antec 900 is one of the most popular cases with gamers. There is a new version of the case:

    EDIT - Just confirmed - 4870 video cards will fit inside the case!
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