Error code:0x80070103 to windows server installing time

now my pc in windows7 and i want to install windows server 2008 but installing time to showing
this computer does not have enough space for temprory files windows installation need at least 464 mb space on any partition for temrory files
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  1. You've answered (or at least already said what the first troubleshooting step should be) your own question. See how much free hard drive space you have and clear up space as necessary.
  2. I get the same error even though i have about 190 GB of HDD space left in C drive. i have a copy of win 2008 in my d drive and when i click setup, and press install, i get this error.
  3. I get the same error as well.
  4. This is what worked for me
  5. Gr8 Fix .. worked for me .. thank you :D
  6. Great, it worked for me as well. You are a start mate. Cheers
  7. I am Unable to boot win 7 after doing soo., m now my computer boots up directly to windows server 2008 ., what should i do now?
  8. There can be several reasons that can cause this problem but some of the most common reasons I have mentioned here :

    You might be trying to install a driver which already exists on your system, at that time this problem will occur.
    While sometime you are trying to install a driver which is less compatible with its version already installed on your system.

    The thing which worked for me is that I disabled auto-update of drivers and thus didn't get this error. If you are not able to disable auto- update of drivers and updates then check at this website :
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