Top Exhaust Fan Grill

A machined grill for the top of a computer case. It's cnc milled from 1/4" thick aircraft aluminum. It measures 7-1/4" wide, with 4.5" opening for 120mm cooling fan.

Exhaust Fan Grill Link

The grill in the center is removable, so you can use it as a window

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  1. Very very cool! I could have used a couple of those for a case mod last Summer. Hmmm.....suddenly I have a compelling urge to do another case mod!!!

    EDIT - Just watched the video! I happen to have a 4.5 inch hole saw that I use for making blow holes. Now all I have to do is find a pc case suitable for a new case mod!
  2. Have you ever looked at the Lian Li PC-7 plus at newegg? It fits perfect on top, I'm using one here

    includes4x #10 x 5/8" stainless steel pan head screws for installing fan

  3. just thought of this too, a side vent or port hole window for the xbox 360

  4. Installed it finally,

    Outter diameter is 7-1/4" most cases measure 7.5" - 8" wide,

    pictured on Lian Li PC-7plus, 8" wide....

    great case btw, $89.99 at newegg

  5. Yesterday we got them back from the Powdercoater, they looks awesome! I'm a proud papa!
    as cool as the socketed head screws are, I wanted to use pan heads, but nobody makes one in #10-32 x 3/16 height. The socketed ones were the only ones I could get in the right size, and very expensive (mcmaster carr) but as you can see, they really complete the look properly! :D

    The Powder coated Black 120mm Blow hole Grill Kits are now available

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