Brighter patches on all sides of screen (multiplle lcd's)

I recently jumped on the Widescreen LCD train and picked up an lg 20inch widescreen lcd.

Now I hooked it up installed drivers all that jazz and then on my desktop (which is all black) I noticed white, brighter then the black in the middle patches on all sides of my screen going towards the middle a good 1/8 of monitor.

So thinking I got a defective new monitor I plugged in the old one and sure enough the patches were still there. So now im thinking how have I not noticed this for all this time... :heink:

I'm pretty sure its not a video card driver issue because I can see bright patches before windows loads up in the early screens when you turn it on, but after this message im going to install the newest drivers for my video card.

Can anyone help me deal with this problem? The video card (and computer itself) is only about 4 months old. Faulty video card?
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  1. upgrade to the lates video card drivers and see if the problem persist. i think is the video card
  2. You are experiencing backlight bleeding which affects all LCD monitors even the more expensive ones. However, it seems backlight bleeding is more common on less expensive monitors which uses something called TN panel technology found in the vast majority of any size monitor costing less than $550.

    Try lowering brightness and contrast which should help diminish the "patchiness", but you will likely still see some. If you can, post a large picture of your monitor with the black ground in normal lighting conditions. It could be that your monitor has an excessive amount backlight bleeding.
  3. its not just the new one... its the old one too... i asked my buddy to come over and look and he agreed with me that it was happening with both the new and the old in the same spot. i installed the newest drivers and that didn't fix anything... tomorrow im gonna swap out the 4850 for my old 1650 and see if it stills persists. if thst is the case then i will try using a straight up dvi cable because right now i am using a dvi to vga adapter, which might be the problem but i tried. 2 different adapters and both still that the spots... sorry for wall of text im writing this on an ipod touch now :p
  4. It is not a video card or driver issue. It is the monitor itself. Try lowering the brightness and contrast. It could be your monitor is failing.

    Post a picture of your monitor if you can.
  5. Almost every single backlit monitor is going to suffer from this problem. Nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE!

    If it's too much for you to handle, spring for something more expensive.
  6. Heres a picture, going to work, be back around 4

  7. Is that supposed to be a black background? It looks more like blue to me.

    From the looks of it I believe the brightness and /or contrast is too high. Try decreasing it to see if that improves the situation. Use the following site to calibrate your monitor.

    If you still have issues then contact the vendor or the manufacturer to request a replacement.
  8. thats not a black background. and like jaguarskx said try lowering the contrast and brightness, it seems that they are way too high.
  9. The backround is black irl... the way the lighting worked out and the camera with flash turned off. But it has the exact same effect.
  10. I am going to try picking up a straight up dvi cable tonight and see how it works without this adapter.
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