AMD Phenom II X6 Overclocking and Temps

Decided to try the AMD route for a change and got a X6 along with a Asus Crosshair IV MB. Only temp program that seem to work is HWMonitor, but it doesn't seem right to me. Core temps are around 47c maxed out stressing. My I7 920 has temps of 83c. Both are around 4.2 ghz on the same watercooling setup and the water temp is about 37c for both. Anyone got another program to check temps?

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  1. Tried CoreTemp?
  2. 47c load temps on water sounds about right for the new x6 phenoms. The i7s run much hotter than the Phenom IIs. The melting point for 45nm AMD CPUs is about 72c+, afaik.
  3. I normally use CoreTemp, it only gives one temp that is the same as HWMonitor. RealTemp doesn't work.

    I compared the two procs because my water temp is just about the same when stressing the two. So they are both generating the same amount of heat at the heat spreader.
  4. How do they compare to overclocked i7s though.
  5. rofl_my_waffle said:
    How do they compare to overclocked i7s though.

    Well, if you are referring to performance, the internet says for multi-threaded apps they are on par (with some apps) otherwise a little slower. There's really no enhancements, just two more cores. Loading up apps, using internet, copying files, playing videos, etc., it feels as snappy as my I7 system, maybe quicker.

    My main interest was to see how well it overclocked. Sounds like a 1 ghz overclock on an AMD is pretty good. So far I'm trying for 4.3 ghz, but it appears that 4.2 might be the limit. I continue to feed it Vcore but it doesn't appear to help (and I don't want to go over 1.6v). In contrast, the I7 920 and 980X would just suck it up and keep going. The only thing holding them back was the temps, even though I never got them to throttle down.

    As for power usage (at 4.2) it was using just about as much as my I7s. On my watt meter, it shows about 500 watts on load. My water temp is just about the same too. Weird is, on Coretemp, it shows 47c for X6 and 83c for 920.

    EDIT: My mistake, acutally AMD X6 about a 60 watts less. AMD 400 Intel 460.
  6. Well, perhaps the BIOS is best to gauge temps. Pushed the Phenom until it started throttling. The ASUS AI utility show about 72-74c when it downclocked.

    Coretemp and hwmonitor was the same and there was a difference of about 23c from the BIOS/AI Utility.

    Caught it while it was heading down.

    Overclock setting was 21.5x200.
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