Am I Missing Anything for my New Build?

Thanks to the help on this board I have finally ordered most of the parts for my new system minus Vista. I was thinking, am I going to need to buy a fan/heatsink for my cpu? I ordered a E8500 and I'm thinking no heatsink will be included. What about cables? I have some SATA cables around. I would hate to start building my system only to realize I forgot to get one little small tiny thing.....
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  1. I believe E8500 is only sold retail, and so will come in a box with a cooler. A new motherboard will come with a few SATA cables.

    Other than that, I can't tell you much without a link to your build, at least.
  2. Got these?

    Thermal paste
    Power supply
    Rom drive

    Then you r good to go...
    The only thing I could see having an issue with is if you require a longer SATA for disk drive or HDD... The provided cables are long enough 95% of the time.
  3. Yea, I have all those things, or at least I will by the time everything arrives at my door over the next week. But I don't have any thermal paste though.......

  4. You do not need thermal paste with a stock cooler. It comes with a pre-applied pad of thermal material, that is adequate.
  5. very good.... :)
  6. Monitor, Keys/Mouse, audio cable if IDE Optic drive, HDMI or DVI cable to Monitor
  7. @OP: Mind listing full specs? esp. the PSU.
  8. Intel e8500, Asus P5Q Pro, 4 gig ram, GTX 260+, PC Power and Cooling SILENCER 750W psu, and I think that covers the important stuff. The monitor is from my old system and I think I'll have to go find the HDMI or whatever cable you call that as my old system used the older cable whatever that is... lol
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