Is it worth overclocking a 955 for gaming..

Ive got my phenom 955 overclocked from 3.2ghz to 3.8ghz
When it comes to it worth it? I love playing the latest games set to the highest settings! After playing the 4th game tonight thats had stuttering issues without lowering FPS (lord of the rings online, the settlers 6, champions online and sims 3) And in lord of the rings fps was acting up dropping from 60 to 45 just by turning -_-). remembering some people say that some games dont handle overclocks well. I decided to set my cpu back to defult settings. (didnt help the stuttering or fps problems..i think its just the way the games are made -_-) Altho i did find no increase in fps or performance what so ever in LOTRO, Sims 3 etc.
So when it comes to gaming is there ANY good reason to overclock your cpu from 3.2 to 3.8? I know some games like GTA 4 and crysis rely heavily on cpu but to the exstent where youd see improvment by overclocking a cpu from 3,2 to 3,8?

thanks for any info you can give
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    For a good result in OC, u need OC the CPU, GPU and RAM, not only the CPU that could be the "problem" in your lower FPS.
  2. It depends on your system. The more powerful the graphics, the more the CPU can be utilized, and thus, will give more visible benefits from OCing the CPU. It also depends on the game, as you already mentioned. I know having my 965 at 3.8 for daily use and gaming has given me a strong boost across most of the games I play (Dirt 2, Grid, BFBC2, Mass effect 1 & 2, Warhead, HAWX and my wife plays sims3 a whole lot). But I am using a 4870, which is still strong enough to plow through most titles.

    What GPU are you using? If it is in the lower power range, than OCing your CPU might not help you at all.
  3. My gpu is a 5870, 955 oc'ed to 3.81ghz i have 4Gb of ddr3 OCZ ram, windows 7 64bit, I have a 700w Psu, a really good mobo :D 1tb HDD 7200RPM. Its not really a low end computer as u can see lol my res is 1920x1200. Its so frustrating im getting all this stutters and stuff -_- it really stops me from enjoying the games anymore -_- spesh with a game like LOTRO where i should be able to tear through it no probs lol

    P.s Some people have had OC problems with oblivion :/ I think it was on i% i read. they removed the overclock (lowerd it) and found a HUGE improvment on FPS in built up areas.
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