upgrade power supply?

Hi, i built a computer a few months ago and now i have an issue. occasionaly when i turn on it works for a while and randomly shuts off. when i boot up windows xp again it asks if i want to boot up normally. i say yes and it acts like nothing happened. my guess is that the power supply (550w) is overtaxed by my system.
my system specs are as follows:
motherboard, asus P5Q PRO
GPU, visiontek HD 4850
RAM, 2(2x1) GB of DDR2
CPU, intel core 2 duo e8500
HDD, samsung 500GB 7500rpm
PSU thermaltake TR2 RX-550 (550W)

i'm hoping for some advice before i blow money on a new power supply...
thanks in advance
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  1. anybody
  2. What are the amps on your PSU?
  3. It's ok
  4. No, its not overtaxed. 500 W can run your rig nicely. But if you OC then it might be a problem. Best thing to do is reset BIOS, reinstall OS.
  5. I would still check the amperages on your PSU. Because some are rated better than others. I've seen cases before where a 400 watt PSU could push more amperage than a cheap 500 watt PSU. That's why I say check the amperages. Just because a PSU says it's capable of 550 watts or whatever, don't assume.
  6. My guess is that you have DDR2 ram rated at 800 or better which wants more than the stock 1.8v to do it. Take a look in BIOS for ram timings. Leave the vram stock at 1.8 and set the speed back to 2:1 or 667 MHz. Your system will run just fine and the ram is now in sync with the FSB.
    You should have plenty of clean PSU power to run this system.
  7. are you up for another challange?
    the problem with the random shutdowns seemed to go away. so i downloaded abuntu. it both os worked last night and i went to bed. this morning i tried to turn on my computer and boot into windows. it wold get past the boot screen and then go black. frustrated, i tried to boot in ubuntu and it told me stuff like improper shutdown, unclean files and even gave me an error code (error code = 15) but no boot. is it some other hardware issue causing the problems? is it ram like Newf said, i ram memtest86+ for 10 minutes (came installed with ubuntu).
  8. update: i ran memtest again and in 3 seconds i had over 100 errors. luckuly i was planning to replace it with a new 4 GB anyway... now i tried individual sicks in their respective slots and memtest isn't finding any errors. is my copy memtest faulty?
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