Different watercooling devices, what is best?

I have run past quiet a few watercooling devices, I just wanna ask you what would be best.


Waterchiller Hailea Ultra 2000

And finally the fully customized watercooling system where you buy 2x radiators, 2x reservoirs, 2x pumps, tubes, water blocks, fittings, etc.

Gonna watercool 2x 5970's and a CPU.
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  1. Neither.
  2. The Hailea look promising. It's a commercial cooler just like hobby phase waterchillers I have seen built. Can it keep parts cool? I don't know. At that price it better be able to. It would use standard WC blocks and fittings, it doesn't have a radiator or pump, since it's built in the box. You'd still spend about $300 on top of the cost of the cooler to WC what your saying needs cooled.

    Your last idea is standard watercooling, where water temps can never ever be below room temps since we cool with just air. Rad, pump, blocks, fittings, resivior. It would cost you about $550-600 for your cooling.

    Your first one is a joke and wouldn't even cool your CPU. And it's Thermaltake, the junk of all WC junks.
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