How to update/flash bios on a nForce 780i MoBo

Built a new system:
Duo Core E8400 @ 3GHz on a XFX nForce 780i 3 way SLI MoBo.
4 GB Ram. 2 x GeForce GTX 260 Video cards in SLI
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Service Pack 1
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies LTD version P06
My problem is with XFX tech support. I called them to find out how to update /flash the bios which was recommended on their web site.
" We recommend updating the BIOS on your XFX Nforce 780i SLI ( MB-N780-ISH9 ) to version P08. "
Their answer was that I should not update if their are no problems.
I tried to navigate around on their web page but anything I select or highlight doesnt do anything. The Manual that comes with the MoBo
does not give any information on flashing the bios. Can anyone advise me on where I can find the newer BIOS version P08 and how to flash them once I find them? It seems XFX dont want to help.
Any info would help me greatly. Thanks
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  1. Hi

    AWARD BIOS Utility:
    Format to FAT or FAT32

    1. Make bootable floppy. You can do this in the formatting window or download DRD Flash which I use.

    2. After making bootable floppy, copy ROM & Awdflash to disk.

    3. Reboot into the bios and make sure removable drive is 1st, not CD or HDD. Also restore setup defaults. If you are running 4Gb of ram it would probably be a good idea to reduce ram to 1 or 2Gb. After flash, setup will restore DRAM voltage to default 1.8v which may not be able to power multiple sticks depending on what type of ram you have.

    4. Reboot to floopy and when you get the A:\ prompt, type Awdflash.exe or Awdflash, whichever works. Inside the Award tool just follow the instructions, you will have to enter the correct path to the ROM as well.

    5. After flashing let it do a full reboot. Now shut down the computer (PSU switch) and unplug it. Pull the battery and discharge the motherboard by holding in power button while touching chasis for approx 30 sec.

    6. Re-install battery and post. Now set your mem voltage (mandatory) & timing (opptional) in bios to manufactures specs.

    7. Shut the computer back down and add your remaining mem sticks.
  2. wow thanks, the notes I got made it sound as if you can flash your bios without a bootable disk. I was wondering why I could not get the bios updated properly.
    I have 8Gb of ram 2Gb each stick. I never did change the voltage which is at 1.8v.
    Thanks for the info. I going to try my luck!
  3. You're welcome. The method above should work w/o any problems. I have an ASUS MB which has EZ-Flash. Check you're manual and see if XFX has a similar bios tool that would allow you to flash via USB stick.
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