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Hey guys, I just built a new system with an e8400, Sapphire HD 4830 and OCZ Reaper 800 2x2 kit. I have a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case that I bought probably 4.5 years ago and has been a great case. I reused it for my new PC. It is this case:

Anyways, after I calibrated my thermal sensors according to the guide on the overclocking forum, I popped the side cover back on and my temps jumped by 4c. I always thought this was a pretty good venting case, but maybe not so much? I was actually wondering if case fans have gotten better over the years and maybe I should replace the two 120mm fans, might that help? And also, the 90mm side fan draws air in to the case, would it be better to vent out? Thanks!
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  1. I am not a big fan of doors or solid plastic panels on the front of the case. They restrict air flow. It's a good thing you have the 90mm blowing cool air into the case.

    There are a lot of replacement fans that are available and people have their personal favorites. I like the Scythe fans which are available in a variety of configurations and fan speeds:

    Currently stock 120mm fans that come with cases typically operate somewhere around 1200 rpm. Some replacement fans are quieter than others. Some operate at higher rpm and move more air. It's a juggling act between high air flow and noise. The biggest problem is that one person's quiet fan is another person's jumbo jet engine. It is very difficult to satisfy everyone.

    A totally separate problem may be that your heatsink is not seated properly on your cpu. It's also quite possible that your old cpu operated at a lower temperature than your new one.
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