Sapphire Radeon 4870x2 Display Issues

I recently bought this card but to my dissappointment, the card displays either heavy artifacts or red color bands vertically across the screen.

Does anyone know what the issue with the card may be?

I'm running it on a

Asus P5Q
Antec Signature 650w

I had to change back to my old GTX260 which has no problems whatsoever.

Should I be taking this card to the manufacturer?
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  1. What are the temps?
  2. I haven't been able to get the temperate readings. The card will lock into a blue screen while windows vista 64 is loading.

    But when I unplug the card from the motherboard, it is quite hot.

    Am I overpowering it? I'm using the 12V 8pin connection+the standard PCI-E power cable that is marked on the PSU.
  3. Return it saying youre getting a lot of artifacts and red color bands.. I think that will do.

    If the new card will show the same, post here again.
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