How to store film files to disk?

please assist i have a laptop that has wmf and realplayer film clips stored in the free up hard drive space how do i keep these files to disk? so i can keep separate from my laptop.
i bought a dvd-r rw writer but i cannot get it to function properly is this the correct product i need? thank you
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  1. EXACTLY what is the problem? Are you unable to burn DVDs or are you not able to install the DVD RW. Also list model of DVD RW
  2. If you want to burn them to CD or DVD, Windows may have some builtin options, but I recommend something like the Nero suite of programs.
    If you just want to copy them to an external hard drive, just copy and paste them in Windows once you connect the external hard drive.
  3. ^ IIRC Windows (XP) can't burn DVDs. As for burning programs check out DeepBurner and BurnAware. Both have free versions.
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