Need to pick an external enclosure with four bays

I've got a MacBook with an expresscard slot. Id like to use an esata port multipler card to hook to an external array. I've got two 1tb wd100fals disks which I want in a raid 0. I've got two additional disks I would like access independent of raid (add remove other disks for client data recovery).

Very few reviews of external enclosures focus on raid/disk configuration. I am willng to pay, but i want something portable and reliable that will give me my desired disk config.

If this is impossible, I suppose I could do a dual encolsure for the raid and get a dock for the other disks, but I was hoping to get this all in one product.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. To make sure you don't run into problems with you RAID0

    30th of September manuf date on the P model will NOT support TLER (needed to run RAID). you look for the 30th Sept part and the P model. The S model is fine.
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