Weird CPU-ID readings

My current system:

Athlon II 635
4GB OCZ reaper ddr2 1066
ASUS M4A79 Deluxe
OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro
Win XP 32 bit

So I am getting some strange CPUID readings -- I currently have my cpu voltage set to 1.4 in the bios. When I have cool-n-quiet disabled, the cpu idles at 1.4v but under full load the reading drops to 1.38 (or so). Is this common or do I have something set up wrong?
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  1. I am also using K10STAT to manage the cool-n-quiet voltage (I have overclocked my 635), but I have not changed any other voltage settings.
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    Very common. The higher load from the CPU causes it. The electronic/VRMs aren't perfect, and at high current they drop a little. Some boards have a vdroop corrector, however if the computer is stable, this is a non-issue.
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