I5 750 cpu cooler

I built my computer in november and i have been using the stock cooler since then. What is a good cpu cooler that i do not need to access the back of my motherboard to install. I was thinking of getting Thermaltake Silent
My case is a Raidmax Smilodon
MB: Asus P7P55 LX
Thanks for your help
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  1. You can go with that, but read the reviews, some report issues with the HSF not seating properly with the push-pins. Please rethink your plan, you have better 120mm HSF options if you remove the motherboard.
  2. ok thanks. well im not planning on overclocking the cpu, just looking for somthing that is better than the stock cpu fan that is under 30$. Any recommendations?
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    I'd Highly recommend the Hyper 212+ for that price range, however it requires removing the motherboard.
  4. +1 what EXT64 said.

    The Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is an excellent value. If you are in the USA and shop carefully you can usually find it on sale for $29.99.

    You will have to access the rear of the motherboard to install any of the tower style cpu heatsinks because they require a backplate.
  5. If you aren't planning to overclock then the stock cooler should be more than adequate for heat. Are you shooting for more quiet?

    In general, better coolers require the backplate.
  6. ok thanks every one i think im gonna go with the Hyper 212+. i just didnt feel like taking my computer apart. I wanna get a new cooler becasue it is starting to get warmer and the last two days were close to 90 and it was running lound and faster so i just wanted to get a better fan to keep it cool in the summer.
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