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Today when I tried to partition a USB flash drive without success, I downloaded Partition Magic and installed it. Windows 7 warned me that there might be some compatibility issues with this particular program, but I ignored them. When I started up the program it said something about fixing a partition and I just pressed yes when it later asked the same thing and I realized that it was no good I pressed no but the harm was already done. I had two partitions C and D but after this D seemed to be gone, I started to panic and tried to make an system restore but without success. Every time I tried to start my computer windows said that there is some error and asked me if I wanted to repair it, when I pressed yes it just said that it cant find any solution.

I tried to restore my files with an Ubuntu live CD and I can see both the C and D partition in ubuntu but it seems like windows cant find them. I wonder if anyone here know a good solution to this problem or if I will have to reformat to get windows running again.

I would be thankful if anyone would like to help me :)
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  1. Get some partition recovery software.
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