How should I configure this RAM in BIOS?

Hi everyone, I need to configure Patriot's PVS34G1333LLKN Memory and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

I set the voltage in my BIOS to 1.700V and I set the tCL to 7, tRCD to 7, tRP to 7, tRAS to 20, and the CMD to Auto(1T). The Memory Speed is set to 1333MHz, changed from 1066MHz. I didn't touch the tRRD, tRC, tWR, tWTR, tFAW, tREF, or tRFC, because I had no idea what these were.

I've been getting system freezing and looping sound crashes in Team Fortress 2. I've done a Memtest86+ on both of my sticks separately and together.
I've done the Paged Pool Memory fix (increasing PPM to a higher value in registry), ran Furmark on extreme temps, Prime95 as well. I have had no crashes in any of those tests, but I got freezes and crashes during regular system tasks and in game. After I changed these values, the system crashed on startup which seemed odd, because the timings and speeds were set to what they were supposed to be. I'm not gonna touch these settings or the PC until I get some advice on what to do.

In case it helps, I recently changed my PSU.

My System Build:
Mobo - EVGA 790i Ultra
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550@2.83GHz (not OC'd)
GFX Card - PNY GTX 280
RAM - Above
Case - Coolermaster Cosmos 1000

Thanks everyone!
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  1. And also, any reasons other than the memory that could be causing system crashes?
    Should I use a sound card instead of using on board?
  2. Ah, also, my FSB for my CPU is running Unlinked at 1333 MHz.
    Before, it was Linked but my memory was at 1066 MHz.
  3. Let it run at the defaulted setting it was before. You won't notice any difference.
    You might also try raising the voltage slighlty, like 1.71~1.75.
  4. Okay, thanks.
  5. The voltage jumps from 1.700 to 1.725 though.
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