Gigaybyte Motherboard, G31, E7400, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 320GB HDD and ATX Cas

I'm planning to purchase new PC I did some shoping in jordan and I have some questions, please respond even if you don't have answers to all the questions, thank you for taking the time,

First of all, Here is the parts I am considering to buy:

1. E7400 Intel Core2 Duo Processor
2. Gigabyte Motherboard G31 Intel Chipset
3. 4GB DDR2 667
4. ATX P4 Case

The above will cost me around 387$, I Intend to use on-board graphics and sound and ethernet, since I don't need high-end 3D performance as I don't play Games.

Secondly, this is what I Intend to do with my computer:
1. Play movies and audo
2. Video editing
3. Video encoding
4. Office or other productivity
5. Multi-task a lot, like listening to music, while downloading files or burning or encoding at the same time.

My questions are the following:
1. Will I be able to play 720p and 1080p video efficiantly?
2. Do you think 387$ is a lot to pay for these parts?
3. If i down-grade the processor to E5200, I will save 49$ do you think that is a good or bad cost saving considering what performance I will loose and the things I want to use my computer for? I can't find any performance charts comparing the E5200 to E7400 so I don't know how much performance I am going to loose with the E5200 if you have some reviews with performance tests please give me a link.
4. I need some price comparasions between E7400, E6850 and E8000 series
5. I read on intel's site, that G31 supports HDMI output, but when I asked my vendor who uses Elite and Gigabyte motherboards and ATX P4 Case, that there is no HDMI interface with this motherboard or case, how can i get HDMI support do I have to use a difirent motherboard manufactorer or a difirence case?
6. Does Graphic Media Accelerator x310 which comes with the G31 chipset support a resolution of 1366 x 768? this is so I can hock up my Graphic output to the Sharp Aquos LC-42PX5M to view movies
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  1. I would definitely not drop down to an e5200; in fact, I'd seriously consider getting a quad-core if your budget allows. Video editing and encoding will make good use of the cores. I'm not sure about the x310's driver modes, but if it doesn't work right, you can always add on a cheap graphics card (say, $30), which should also give you hardware acceleration for HDTV playback if needed.

    You should also consider the new Phenom II CPUs in x4 and x3 versions, as those provide good performance at cheaper prices than Intel. If you go with those, be sure to get an AMD chipset board, not an nVidia chipset MB.
  2. mondoman, thanks for your quick reply, I asked my vendor today about moving up to the e8400, but it seems it will cost me +$55 for the extra front side bus speed to 1333 and +3MB L2 Cache, that seems tempting, what do you think? I don't know, if I am going to spend another $50 or $60 might as well go for the Q8300 or even the Q6600, your thoughts are most welcome.

    The problem in jordan shipping cost a lot of money, is great, but no shiping outside US so i have to fork extra cash for international shipping, so either way its gona cost extra if i buy from US or local jordanian market, might be more convinient for me to just get the parts from the local supplyer, but they don't seem to have all the processors in stock such as the e8400 or quads and others.. still it's good to look up in for comparasion.
  3. The q6600 has an extremely good track record, and very good overclocking potential; if you're not going to OC at all, then the q8300 or similar 1333MHz FSB quad is probably better for you.

    You also might consider a better MB. Gigabyte makes good quality stuff, but the g31 chipset boards are intended as entry-level or low-end boards and won't be as robust and have as many features as p43 and p45 chipset boards, which don't cost that much more. One rule of thumb: if it only has 2 slots for RAM, avoid it.
  4. you will need an HDMI ouput ,if you use three monitors extended with windows simulatneously , but for that your third monitor should have hdmi input .
  5. in this mother bios is compatibale to windows
    server 2003?
  6. in this mother bios is compatibale to windows
    server 2003?
  7. in e7400 motherboard i want to install win server2003
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