Noise problem [advice needed]

I saw a good card model called xfx 9600 but I found that all customer on the net complain from noise, this important to me because I get headache easily from long hours working or playing in front of a computer

my current vga is xfx 6600 it has no fan so there is no noise , is there a 9xxx model like that I mean without a fan ? or is there a device or something can reduce fan noise ?

My current config:
Mother 945-PL Gigabyte
CPU 3.0 GHz HT
Power Supply 480 Ace Power

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  1. If noise is a prob and you want a high end VC you will have to go water cooled. The high end models tend to run hot so they need a good fan and they tend to make noise.
    I cant tell form your specs but you might want to make sure your PSU can handle that card go here
  2. That fan is small. I doubt you can hear it.
    My 8800gtx is roughly the same size and I dont notice it.
    It is no louder than a cpu fan.
    I would suggest going to a computer shop and see for yourself.
    Chances are good that a new power supply will be louder.
  3. A new, quality PSU will be relatively quiet. Check out the Antec Earthwatts line. Any of them (380W or higher) should be enough for a 9600GT, but you probably want the 500W one for some upgrade room.
    There are some fanless 9600GT cards out there ($105-$140), but you'd want to be certain you have very good case cooling for them.
    The 6600GT is a pretty lowly card by today's standards. A 4650 would blow its doors off (nine tiers higher on Cleeve's chart); $73 will buy a fanless one of those. It will generate a lot less heat.
  4. Small fans tends to make more noise than larger fans because they need to spin faster to move the same amount of air as a slower spinning large fan.

    Click the link below to to see the available fanless versions of the 9600GT. Personally, I have the ECS N9600GT in my HTPC cause I don't wanna deal with fan noise when watching movies.

    The best fanless (passively cooled) video card you buy is Radeon HD 4850 1GB from Gigabyte:

    At stock speed the 9600GT uses 60w of power while the HD 4850 uses 110w of power.
  5. if you want quiet, look for cards with reviews that indicate quiet fans or ones with custom cooling solutions. i put this zalman heatsink on my 8800gt and i can't hear it at all and it dropped temps significantly.

    silence comes at a price...
  6. Thanks all for reply
    I check the store again and they only have 9600 GSO card 768MB DDR2

    is it good or bad ? do I have to get another one from USA ?

    is it possible to plug off the fan and heatsink from 9600 gso and plug another one ??

    thanks for links but Gigabyte cards will be slower than xfx 9600 GSO , right ?
    and I dont like ATI at all :)

    eclipseaudio4 result is 394W I have 480 W
  7. now you can take that same link and add in what card you want to get to see if you can run it right now. Also i have heard that the GSO's suck
    And i forgot to mention to make sure you have enough put the TDP,sys load and cap aging to max ie 100,100,50 respectively; and you want your needed wattage to be about 50 to 75 % of what you have. Right now your at about 82% so you might want to upgrade to 550-650 to give yourself some headroom.
    Personally i would go 650 or better. that would put you at 60%
    And remember Nvidia will be comming out with the new DDR5 45nm chips around July so you might want to wait. This will bring down the prices of all the cards out now.
  8. I dont think I can wait :)
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