My first/modest i7 OC + Temp questions

My system
i7 930 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 heatsink
P6X58D Premium
XFX 5850 XXX
OCZ Gold 1600mhz
Corsair 750w PS
Antec 300 Illusion case

As the title states this is my first time OC my system. I didn't want to go too crazy at first so I have overclocked it to 3.2 GHz. Before OC BIOS said it idled at 34C which is what Realtemp always showed. Now that I have overclocked, BIOS hardware manager reports 36C at idle but idle temps from Realtemp are showing 43C. At load for a few minutes it gets to about 75C and I get scared and stop prime95. Can anyone explain this?
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  1. Those look like good volts and all.

    What does HWMonitor say your core temps are?

    How hot would prime95 get it at stock?
  2. at stock 70-71C max. I think that at my OC it would climb above 75C I just stop it before it does because I'm worried about damaging it.
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    Well, I think part of the issue is the AC7 just isn't a Phenomenal cooler. I've got one on my PII 940, and it gets pretty warm, even when at stock speed and undervolted.
  4. Well CPU temp is 31C according to that but core temps are like 43-46. Which am I more concerned with?
  5. I normally go with the hottest. Core temps should be more accurate as that is coming straight from Intel's sensors on the CPU. CPU temp is from the Mobo sensors. Either however could be miscalibrated/misread.
  6. I dont understand how people are getting such low temps!!! people are saying low 60s is standard for OC of 3.5+ at full load and I have reseated my heatsink/ made sure my I had good airflow more times than I can count trying to achieve these temps. I'm like 15' off.
  7. Are they saying this with your cooler though? A better cooler certainly could drop temps 20C.

    Note the spread in this chart:
  8. interesting. What does "Avg Load" mean? Cause an "avg load" for my cpu is around those temps as well....
  9. Excellent question. Back a couple pages is the answer. "Average" load does not mean a light load:

    Recorded temps were as reported via CoreTemp's "Temp Log". Average load temps were taken after 15 minutes of running Prime95 “small fft” and are taken directly from CoreTemp’s temperature text file. Excel was used to average the results of all cores. Idle temps were taken 15 minutes after Load testing ceased. Motherboard temperatures were recorded using SpeedFan. All CPU throttling technology was disabled in the BIOS; as was all CPU fan speed control.
  10. You could have easily called me a lazy idiot for not reading past the charts and it would have been very appropriate so I appreciate you holding back.

    Ill try mine using the same stuff. Thanks.
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  12. The article suggested by ext64 states that the Cooler master Hyper 212+ beats the V10. My computer shop sells the V10 for $150 and the hyper 212+ for $38. A $38 cooler beats a $150 cooler? Are these accurate? Im aware that price doesn't mean everything but this seems ludicrous. Thanks guys
  13. Accuracy on tests like this is a tough call, however they certainly sounded like they were careful.

    Anyway, good to be skeptical and ask for more sources. Here is Frosty Tech's review, probably the most respected in this business:

    Unfortunately they don't have a V10 I think. I couldn't really find another comprehensive review of it, but my guess is that it is good, but not $150 good. I do feel confident saying the Hyper 212+ is one of the best perf/$, due to its excellent performance and low $30 price tag.
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