Video Problem Help Please

I was playing WoW the other night and the video got all messup and the computer rebooted. Since then there's black dots and lines throughout the display, both in BIOS and Windows. Other than that, everything runs fine except if I try to run any game it'll crash again. This will also happen in Windows if I just open a window and drag it off the visible screen.
I'm thinking the memory on the video card gone bad. I tried giving it time to cool down and reseating the card too, but still have problem. Any other suggestions before I buy a new card? The motherboard does not have onboard video to try, nor do I have another card to try in this computer or another computer to try this card in.
BTW: Its an ATI HD2900 card in an ASUS Commando motherboard.
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  1. could try to make sure drivers are up to date and reinstall them.
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