Decision on Which SSD's

Hey Guys,
I am trying to decide on whether to get the following:\

Two Intel X25-V's (2x40GB= 80GB) for a RAID 0 setup or WD SiliconEdge Blue (64 GB) for a OS boot drive. The cost would be the same for me ($150)

Please let me know why you would recommend either choice (or put in what you believe is a better deal).
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  1. I would go with the Intel RAID0 setup for better performance.

    Also, to go long with WD just now getting into SSD and Intel being the king since the start (IMO).
  2. Wow..that was fast...thank you for your advice tecmo34. I read that WD uses a JMicron controller of questionable quality...which is why I am asking for opinions/advice
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