Using both 667 & 800 ddr2 ram on same motherboard???

I'm running a foxconn motherboard (g33m )with the intel core 2 quad processor q8300 (4m cache, 2.5 ghz, 1333 mhz fsb )
My motherboard allows the usage of both 667 & 800 mhz ddr2 ram up to 8 gigs. I have 2 x 2 gigs of 667 mhz ddr2 ram and 2 x2 gigs of 800 mhz ram installed and my computer keeps crashing and giving me memeory / hardware errors and I'm not able to boot back up into my operating system without removing the 2 sticks of 800 mhz.

Am I not able to run these simultaneously? I was under the impression that I could, but the 800 would just run at the 667 speed. If it is okay to run the two different speeds is there a preferred way to install the memory in certain dimm slots? (800 in dimm 1 & 2 & 667 in dimm 3 &4 or 800 in dimm 1 & 3 and 667 in dimm 2 & 4 or putting the 667 in the 1st dimm slot)

Any suggestions?

Dell Insprion 518
Intel Core 2 Quad 8300
2.5 GHZ, 1333 FSB
8G DDR2 667/800
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit OS
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  1. What are the specifications for each memory kit? Do they share common voltage and timings at 667 MHz? It sometimes is challenging to get 4 identical modules to work properly; getting four modules having different characteristics to run stable is even more difficult. Unlike Asus, Foxconn don't specify if a kit passed their tests with 2 or 4 modules installed. A Dell BIOS could also limit your options.
  2. I bought 2gb x 2 of Corsair cm2x2048-6400c5. It's 1.8V, 5-5-5-18, 800 MHz, 2048MB, XMS2-64000.

    The computer came stock with:
    2gb x 1 of Hynix 2gb 2Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-12

    & 2gb x 1 of Nanya 2gb 2Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-13
    It's the NT2GT64U8HD0BY-AD

    The computer also came with 1gb x 2 of Samsung 1gb 1Rx8 PC2 - 6400U-666-12-ZZ. These were removed in insert the new Corsair sticks.

    Any suggestion or does it make a difference of which memory to insert into which dimm slot? My dimm 1 slot is white and next to my dimm 3 slot which is black, then my dimm 2 slot is white and is next to my dimm 4 slot with is black.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. So you have two Corsair cm2x2048-6400c5, one Hynix PC2-6400U-666-12 and one Nanya PC2-6400U-666-13 and all are 800 MHZ. Why did you mention 667 MHz in the title?

    I don't understand the choice of Corsair cm2x2048-6400c5 with the other modules because, as stated on their site, it requires 1.9V to run.

    Insert the old modules in the white slots and the Corsair in the balck slots. If that doesn't work, remove the Corsair and change the timings to 6-6-6-18 or increase the voltage to 1.9-2.0V and try the same combination again.

    What are you using your PC for that requires more than 6 GB?
  4. The Hynix & Nanya are both 667mhz as stated in their name aren't they?

    The two corsair sticks that I bought are 800mhz. They were on sale for $12/ stick at Frys and figured they would be fine as my motherboard supports either 667 or 800. The corsair sticks have 1.80V stamped on them and assumed they required 1.8 volts.

    Thanks for the advice on which stick to put in which Dimm slot. I'll try that out, with your back up advice of increasing the voltage.

    The computer is used in a music studio where I can easily max out the 6gigs. 8gigs will give me a little more breathing room.

    Thanks again for all the help GhislainG.
  5. Their names contain PC2-6400 which implies 800 MHz and the specs confirm a latency of 6 at that speed. This is the reason why I recommended the 6-6-6-18 timings at 800 MHz.

    The Corsair have JEDEC 800 MHz specs, but Corsair says that they were tested at 1.9V.

    800 Mhz at 6-6-6-18 timings and 1.8V-19V should work. If not, increase voltage a bit.
  6. Thanks for the explanation ChislainG. I was reading the 666-12 or 666-13 on the Hynix & Nanya sticks and was thinking it was referring to the mhz speed, but instead that was the latency timings. Since my motherboard can use either 667 or 800, I just assumed dell would stock my board with the cheapest, especially since my Processor is a 2.5ghz and fsb is 1333mhz, the 667mhz memory would max out my fsb without overclocking anything.

    I haven't had any issues so far with the memory in the slots you suggested. If it gives me issues again I'll try adjusting the timings, and if still problems, then I'll increase to voltage a tad. If still problem, I'm sure I could huck my corsair on ebay for more then I paid for them and start from scratch.

    Thanks again.
  7. Use CPU-Z and check the memory tab. That will tell you what timings are currently being used.
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