Why is my tripchan mem running in single/dual?

I have ocz gold 1600mhz mem on a p6x58d premium motherboard. I OC it in BIOS to run at its recommended settings and everytime i change a mem setting in BIOS CPU-Z tells me its running in triple channel but if I restart my computer or leave it on for a while it goes down to single or dual channel and never goes back to triple even under stress testing. Anyone help with this?
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  1. Well not every CPU and mobo can handle triple channel. Assuming yours can, have you checked the mobo installation guide to make sure you put the sticks in the appropriate channel slots? I suppose you could also be experiencing bad mem sticks, so 1 or 2 are dead/dying and therefore it goes to 1 channel cuz only one is active. To find out try running Memtest86+ (you burn it to a CD then boot off it). If it passes you should be ok, and I can only say the likely culprit is a BIOS setting.
  2. Well DRAM voltage is set to recommended 1.64v but could it be that my other voltages aren't high enough to support those frequencies?
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