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Im new to building computers and this is my first box that ive built and ive recently got into gaming, how do my specs sound and any suggestions? AMD Phenom™ X4 9000, Dual SLI nVidia 9800 GT, liquid cooling, 22" HD LCD, 700watt Logitech 7.1 channel sound system. dual layer DVD burner, 12Mbit internet connection, (2) 500 gb SATA hardrives.
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  1. You should put the HDs in RAID 0. Other then that, i would only change to an Intel Quad instead. You probably could of gotten a Q8200 or even a Q6600 and OCed it and would probably be alot faster.
  2. The setup sounds nice. While you can put those to hard drives in a Raid 0 config just be aware that it does double your failure probability, since if one drive goes so does the whole array :D. So long as you back up your data it shouldn't be a problem. As for the liquid cooling if you're planing to overclock be aware that the Phenoms don't overclock to well at the moment so you may want to wait until next month when the 45nm versions come out. Just make sure you get a board with a BIOS that supports it and what not ^_^. If you're going to build something right now then I'd say go with the 9750 or 9850BE for now, since the 9950 seems to have gone up in price for the holidays, and get a board that says AM3 ready somewhere so that you'll be ready for the new phenoms. Basically the AM3 versions will be the same silicon as their AM2+ brothers, just in a package with 2 fewer pins :).
  3. Make sure the board supports AM3 CPUs!
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