G31-M7 TE with intel quad 8200

I'm having some pretty major problems with my brand new pc. I can't play any games for more than a few minutes without getting the nvlddmkm.sys BSOD. I've been through all the fixes on the net, updated all drivers and done everything I can think off. I was on the biostar website when I looked at the processor compatability list for my motherboard and noticed that the intel quad 8200 wasn't on it. The only quad core's on the list where - X6800, Q9400, Q9300 and Q8300. Does this mean that this incompatablity could be causing the problem?

specs -

intel core 2 quad 8200 @ 2.33Ghz
4GB ram 800Mhz
zotac 9800gt 512mb synergy edition
G31-M7 TE motherboard
vista premium 32bit
1TB hard drive
onboard realtek sound
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  1. That looks like a graphic driver problem. Have you update to latest version and try?
  2. Bsod's can also be a ram issue. If your board permits it, try bumping up the ram voltage to 2.0.
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