How much of a Difference can 24 Unified shaders make?

9600 GT vs 9700M GTS (Both run on the same GPU)

Will there be any major noticable difference you think?

OFC ignore the Clocks, I'm not going to risk anything over a stock 9600 GT for now.
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  1. Doubt much, maybe a frame or two if any especially when looking at the rest of the specs. The 9700 loses to the 96 in everything but also look at the performance differnce between the 96GT and the 88GT when there is a doubling. Just a guess though. BTW, the pic doesn't enlarge, can't read it.
  2. Not really sure what you're asking because for this comparison you have to add the fact that the GF9700 is not only a little less shader equipped but, also less texture units, and then also slower in the frequencies. Of course the performance would be noticeably different.

    Think of it like a GF8600GTS versus a GF960GT which is essentially how the power levels equal IMO. I think you'd notice the difference most in either shader heavy, high resolution or higher AA situations.
  3. Well I kno that @ stock frequencies this card is between the 9500 GT and 9600 GT, but I thought if oced it can be brought up to almost the 9600 GT. Be cause I kno almost fact that it can almost double a 8600 GT which is basically a downclocked 8600 GTS.

    how do you kno it has less texture units? I couldn't find that:P


    Fixed the picture at the top, it was a bit low quality cuz i shrank it in paint instead of PS. But I'm actually pretty sure that the texture units are the close or the same:S I might have read wrong.

    The comparison is closer to the 9500 GT vs the 9600 GT but its still not a good 1 because the 9700M is a step up above the 9500 GT. I kno that the 8800M GTS is around where the 9600 GT is, and the 9700M is above the 8800M GTS in most games, except shader intense ones:

    What do you guys think?
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