Thunder n3600M S2932-E (S2932WG2NR-E) onboard LSI SAS 1068E

Hi forum,

I have a question about the onboard SAS LSI 1068E controller on Tyan Thunder n3600M S2932-E (S2932WG2NR-E). MoBo specs are at this link on Tyan's site.

My question is: Is LSI 1068E a hardware or SOFTWARE based RAID?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. From what I can find, that controller is using the Fusion-MPT architecture which in turn uses ARM technology and offloads resources from the CPU.
  2. We are using the same MoBo, we got it as a barebones package in a Tyan B2932 Transport TA26.

    I have an additional question:

    We have 8 SAS HD's (Seagate Cheetah 15K.6 (ST3146356SS)) that we are trying to set up into 4 separate RAID 1's. When we run the LSI Logic Configuration Utility (where they call a RAID 1 array an IM) it will only let us set up 2 array volumes. When trying to set up another array we get the message, "Maximum number of active arrays already exists. No new arrays can be created."

    So my question is: Can the LSI SAS1068E only support 2 arrays?
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