Good or Bad opinion on Zotac GPU cards?

Theres a Zotac GTX 280 AMP edition for a good price. Its a much better price then an EVGA, BFG, or any other leading brand of the same model. I have never had a Zotac or heard of anyone having one. I could get a GTX 280 at 700Mhz and 1150 Mem for about $319. Comparing that to the other leaders they are asking over $400 easy. I checked and Zotac does have the lifetime warranty. I do plan on overclocking it higher then that, but what caught my eye was the already high 700Mhz core. I have a GTX 260 and I could only get max core of 702. So I figure with the GTX 280 and its 1GB of RAM as well as factory high speed also the 240 processes I will increase in performance a great deal especially with games like GTA4 which is a card Ram hungry game. So, what you guys think about Zotac products?
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  1. the products are im sure fine, to be an ati/amd board partner you need to have some level of quality and where are you buying it from. if it is a place like newegg you will be fine, especially since they have a good return policy

    Overall, if i were you i would buy it!
  2. Zotac is actually really good, the US isn't its main market though, which is why so few have heard of them...
  3. I think I am pretty happy with the purchase I just made. By doing some research, I found the XFX GTX280 xxx 1GB edition with 670core and 1250 memory for only $250. XFX is a name I can trust and so far I have bought 2 products from them that were flawless. EVGA on the other hand, man, what do they pull their scraps out of the garbage and then put them on their new products? Every time I have bought an EVGA product I had to return it several times. They have the best Customer service, but now I think I know why. They will help you all the way to the end, but literally expect them to be helping you to the end.
  4. I purchased a Zotac GTX280 about a month ago. To be honest, it was included in a bundle, so I didn't have a choice of brands or model. The so far it's been a very stable piece of hardware. I thought about getting the "AMP" edition, but decided I'd rather have the option of OC'ing the card myself. They just released the GTX295, which is from what I understand , 2 GTX280's on one adapter. Also in the works is a GTX350 and, for all I know, a GTX400 and so on. If you wait a few months you could probable pickup a GXT350 for the price of that GTX280 your thinking about.
  5. I hear ya and apparently they discontinued the 280 I was going to get while on back order. Lame, but maybe better for me. So I guess I will wait a bit.

    Swharth... How is the customer service with Zotac? Do they have a cross shipping deal if you have to RMA. Do they have 24 hour customer support? Do they have a step up program like EVGA?
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