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Hi guys, I bought a 26" LCD HDMI monitor, (WESTINGTONHOUSE L2610NW 26 INCH LCD). Not the best but it works.

Right now i am using integrated graphics card for my Asus M4a785TD-V Evo Motherboard. I am not planning on doing very much gaming on this computer but I want a graphics card to take advantage of my 26" monitor while using internet explorer and word.

What is the best graphics card to choose for my setup?? should I crossfire???

If I choose to play the newest battlefield game what would it take???

Honestly I paid under 200$ for the monitor I want to pay the same for the graphics card or less.

specs on my system..
AMD 3.0 Ghz phenom II
M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard
1tb Seagate hard drive
1600 4gb DDR3

Should I buy Radeon and go for something life a 5670??? Mabey two??? I am only going to be using this comp for school projects and gaming if it can handle it. Other wise it will be a strict school computer that uses a 26" monitor.
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  1. If you aren't going to do any gaming, the onboard will be fine, but for moderate gaming you'd probably be best looking at something in the 5770 range at that resolution (assuming it's 1980x1200). Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is quite hard on graphics cards btw...
  2. TBH you'd need an HD 5750 or better, 1GB version, for anything bigger than 1080p I'd say. BFBC2 really needs an HD 5850 or more powerful to max it out, especially at higher resolutions.
  3. Im pretty sure that 26" monitor would have the same resolution as a 23"-24" monitor.

    A 5770 is under $200 and you would be able to play every game on the market with some pretty decent settings. Maxing settings on the other hand would need a little more input of money.
  4. great thanks guys, What is the best video card for the price that's out right now???

    are Radeon video cards the best?? How about the 4600's??

    Would buying two decent cards be better than buying on expensive one??

    two 5670's or one 5770??
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