DX files,spread sheets and light Cad work what parts?

We are expanding the company I work for and we are going to need 2 computers to do Light Cad work , DX files, Engineering Prints, Spread sheets etc. I have no Idea what these machines need to be how powerful etc. Please help
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  1. It depends on the level of "light cad" work. Spreadsheets and simple drafting programs do not require lots of processing power. Autocad level work does and also needs workstation quality video card support such as ATI Fire or NVidia Quadro type cards. Are you planning to build these or just buy them?
  2. Auto cad will be used. I don't know anything about workstation stuff where do I start? Is this too complex for a low tech dude to attempt. I need lots of help on this
  3. any help? I will need these by Jan 1 09. Should I buy these pre made?
  4. Depends. Are you able to support them yourself?

    What OS?
  5. This is totally new to me so just for conversation sake no I don't think I can do the support. OS will most likely be vista or xp
  6. In general then, you'll want a quad core CPU and some workstation card that won't break the bank.

    The workstation card is the main point, otherwise it's just like a gamers build.
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