Need advice and/or suggestions on new build

Hi there people :)

My first post on these forums

I'm building a new pc and I need someone to look at my findings.

My rig now looks like this

AMD 6000+x2
Stock cpu cooler
OCZ psu 650 watt
X-fi elite pro
Samsung 1650x1050

Kingston Hyperx 667 mhz ddr2
Zotac geforce 8200 mobo
Club 3d HD 4870 OC edition
2 - WD 1 TB caviar
1 - 80 GB Raptor
2 - Seagate 80 GB

(text in bold=Stuff I'll move to new rig)

New rig

Core 2 Duo E8500 6 mb(Hope to OC it to 4,0 ghz)
ZALMAN CNPS 9700 LED cpu cooler
Corsair TX750W
Asus p5q pro
Antec twelve hundred
2 GB Corsair dominator(1066 mhz)

Later I'l be adding another HD 4870

Both builds runs or will be running Win XP pro

When replying I'd appreciate suggestions like. Ex. - that cooler is crap, buy this instead! Never will you be able to OC that cpu etc.

Let me apologize beforehand about my english(I'm from Denmark)

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  1. Like so many from your country, your English is far better than half the Americans I know.

    The cooler is crap, buy this instead:

    OCZ Vendetta would be good as well, just depends on availability. I had the Tuniq link handy....
    My personal big list of recommended parts

    The Gigabyte UD3P (the DDR2 version) is the better motherboard at a similar price, if you can find one. Otherwise the ASUS is fine.

    When choosing RAM, always look for low voltage. It will make compatibility easier and will OC better:
    G.skill 1100 Mhz
  2. Thank you very much :)

    I've ordered the parts now. I couldn't find the Tuniq cooler anywhere, so I took your second advice, the OCZ venedetta, only it was called Vendetta 2.

    I skipped on the Gigabyte mobo, don't know why, hmm...

    Since the ram you suggested was sort of pricy IMO, I thought what the hell and skipped the E8500 and went with a Core 2 Quad Q9550 instead.

    I don't know how it overclocks though, time will tell :)

    Thanks for the suggestions, especially the cooler suggestion. Now I only hope the parts arive before the holidays :)
  3. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  4. Will do :)
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