Can i use a vista update bios in windows xp ?

i have a hp pavillion ( a6210) and i can only update bios using an exe file from windows vista . I have installed windows xp .... I runned the file as a vista executable and i am wondering if its safe to eventually flash the bios :) . Will my pc restarts or not :) just wondering :)

Btw i want to do this just to fix a problem with mouse lagging on an fps game
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  1. Did you call HP support? They should be able to answer your question. I doubt the executable is Vista specific, but I would ask HP to confirm that it will work fine under HP.
  2. On their site where i downloaded the file i read that Hp supports only vista os and nothing else :) As for the file it says that it will work only on windows vista . . . . Maybe i ll use a hd with vista installed just to flash the bios :)
  3. HP definitely won't support XP or any OS other than Vista, but I'm a bit surprised that the BIOS update runs on Vista only.
  4. Ask yourself one question; is it worth taking the chance? You just might be opening a can of worms. :)
    Good Luck
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