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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can describe how they setup their fans for the CM Hyper 212+. I have two fans on both sides and both are powered by the motherboard. One of the fans is controlled by PWM and the other is not(running at max rpm). My previous setup was the PWM fan as intake and non-PWM as exhaust. But after reading around about cooling and airflow, I thought I'd switch the fan around to get more intake with the non-PWM fan, but its seems that the temperatures went up around 36C idle to around 39-40C idle. I thought more intake of cool air was better for cooling. So I was wondering if it was because the PWM exhaust was moving slower than the non-PWM, would cause air to be trapped in the heatsink? If so, should I just disable PWM(the fan is pretty loud on max rpm)?

Thanks in advance!
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    If the intake fan is stronger than the exhaust fan, you may have some pooling of air that would allow some heat buildup, even though all the air is eventually exitting the heatsink one way or another.

    I run identical fans for push/pull on my Hyper 212+ (90cfm CM 120mm LEDs), and both are running at maxspeed all the time, so I can't actually claim to have exact experience with your specific issues.
  2. I guess I'll just leave it as it is. A small decrease in degrees isn't worth the noise that it makes. Thanks.
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  4. What temp does it run if you remove the second fan ?? and would you get better overall temps moving that second fan to an alternate location in the case ??
  5. If you case has airflow issues, then using the second fan in the case is a better idea. If you only have a front fan, then put the second in the back to exhaust. You could try side exhaust if you have the option, if you already have front and back fans. If you have no case fans at all, indeed, put one in the front.

    1 fan versu 2 fans is not a huge difference on the 212+, a couple degrees usually. If you case is lacking proper ventilation, it will have a far worse effect on the heat.
  6. Well, currently I have 2 80mm intake in front, 120mm and 80mm exhaust in the back, 2 120mm for the CM Hyper 212+ and 1 92mm side exhaust.
  7. With that amount of ventilation, push/pull should be fine.
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