Northbridge at 84c! Need help and advice! (M3N78 Pro)

Let me start off by saying thanks for taking the time.

I recently got the M3N78 Pro mother board. It has the geforce 8300 chipset.

System specs are:
Phenom II x4 940 @ default 3 ghtz w/ aftermarket air cooler (33 idle, 38c load)
4 gigs 1066 ram
Gtx 285 (36c idle, 65c load when gaming)
I have 4 120mm case fans and 1 140mm 3 intake and 2 exhaust

Everything runs great. After a couple weeks of having the board I got curious about overclocking and temps.

So I installed asus PC probe II and immediately I got the alarm on my mobo temp. The northbridge read 77 at the time and I set the warning to 80c. It stayed at 77 for weeks. One day after a good session of l4d I checked my temps and the northbridge was at 79.. it has been gradually going up as the weather has been getting warmer, but not THAT much warmer. Today it reached a new high at 84c and I am pretty worried. I have a 120mm intake fan blowing on it from the side of my case and my zalman cnps 9700 NT generates quite a bit of ambient flow as well. Even after I finish the game the temp stays high and doesn't cool down.

Do I have a faulty board?
Is the CPU putting too much on the northbridge (doubt it).
I haven't found anything on the northbridge temp reaching this high in the past few weeks I have searched.

Any help would be appreciated. And thanks again for your time.
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  1. No one knows whats going on or has a recommendation? Thanks again in advance if you post.
  2. I assume you have this situation sorted out by now, but I'll still throw in my 2 cents. I have the same board running an X2 7750 BE with stock cooling. My temps are quite high on the northbridge as well. I believe when I first got the board it was running in the high 60s for me with lots of case ventilation (2 120mm and an 80mm pointing at it). I bought a coolermaster blue ice northbridge cooler and now I'm running at 48C consistently. I'm waiting on a new cooler now from newegg since this one is in the way of the passive cooling video card I just ordered, so hopefully the new heatsink for the NB and switching away from the onboard GPU will cool it off more. The goal is quite now since I've switched it to HTPC use. But I would have to say this board runs everything hot!
  3. Actually I have not got it figured out yet lol. I lost my job and had to relocate and I forgot about it after a while. Thanks alot for the post, I will fork over for a new north bridge cooler. I would be estatic to see anything close to 48 degrees or anything below 90 for that matter. My board has been running fine but has consistently been over 90 degrees for the past month now. Really appreciate the input and thanks again.
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