My new computer build

Hello !
I build this computer,and i need a feedback about it.
Have two water systems,one for CPU and one for Motherboard and memory.(two of four).
12 fan x 120mm-3 on radiator and another nine on computer case 3x3x3.I will upload some pictures later with this .
2 source power (one for fans and one for system)-one is integrated in mini case in right,near the cars .
One of water system is build in cooper bars.Cpu have 33 degrees,and water 27 degrees.(see senzor on top left,the blue one).
I wait for your opinion and i will put some pictures starting from zero with this project. :o
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  1. Links not coming up man, looking forward to seeing pics tho :)
  2. Link must work,some friends test this link and is working.In this picture is my computer on the wall...
  3. It does not work for me lol
  4. Having more fans doesn't replace faster spinning fans.

    For example if a car has 4 wheels spinning at one speed versus a car with 18 wheels but spinning at the same speed as the car with 4. Obviously neither cars can go faster than the rate the wheels are spinning.

    Same applies, the air movement doesn't exceed the average fan speed. Now if you simply get 3 delta fans you would get much more performance because all the extra fans are doing is increasing pressure and there isn't much.

    This is what I have done. I put a small 2x radiator on 10 feet of tubing on my window ledge and put a small fan blowing at it. The radiator is black and in a hot summer/spring days it does nothing but at night OMG my computer drops to 20C
  5. Links worked for me today, very nice looking set up dude :) although I do want to get in it and move some cables round :P
  6. Crazy looking setup...

    I wouldn't mount my pc on a wall tho ;)
    Nice setup
  7. i wait 4 new opinions !
  8. new pictures at :
  9. Dude, that is one awesome piece of projectness,
    I salute you
  10. uup !
    Many thanks to "motopsychojdn","fisshy","Rofl_My_Waffle" and"s1ckz".

    I still wait for new opinions about this. - for more pictures with this "thing".
  11. Sho, just took another look at that beast and again... WOW is the only thing coming to mind!

    What Rad and pump did you use for the main system?
  12. I use for CPU Hydor L30 - 220volt pump,and for MainBoard and RAM Alphacool :

    Radiators :
    normal :
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