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Ok this sounds dumb for me to even ask. But for some reason i can't find where to shrink a volume so i can create a partition on it's main drive. on 7 it's super easy just right click and boom. but i can't seem to find it on here, and looking on google and youtube. all the partition help already has unallocated space open, which they seem to step the step of getting to that point.
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  1. XP doesn't support partition editing (or resizing), you need a third-party tool (like PartitionMagic or PartedMagic...).
  2. haha, thanks i had thought that had come along long before xp, but thanks!
  3. No the auto partitioning only started with VISTA, that is one of the new tools that came with the new OS, I have always used Partition Magic (Version 5 or later for XP) Takes no time at all really (can be long if partitioning C drive) and turn bad sector check off before applying your changes otherwise it would take less time to reinstall the OS and all your software then it does to partition the C drive.
  4. Is partition manic free?
  5. Partition magic is commercial software
  6. you can get a trial, I got it because I work for LARGE pc firm. But several family members have downloaded some trial version, only needed it that 1 time so they didn't care. HERE =
  7. thanks again!
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