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Probably wrong section, but I didn't see a Monitor section. ;) So I put this under Graphic & Displays

I'm thinking of upgrading my 19" monitor (1440x900) to a 1920/1080 setup.

I've found two really good deals, on essentially the exact same model. Very slight difference between them, same price.

Asus $199 12,000:1 Contrast & 2ms response GTG

Asus $199 20,000:1 Contrast & 5ms Response

All other specs are the same. If it were you, would you go for the faster response time? Or the higher contrast ratio? :) I can't imagine I can tell the difference between 2ms & 5ms. Think my existing monitor is probably 8ms anyhow.

Just looking for opinions. :)
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  1. Well no bother. I decided to order the top one I listed.


    I figure since gaming is my biggest thing, 2ms response would be better than 5ms. And since my current monitor has a contrast ratio of 500:1, the 1000:1 (12000:1) contrast ratio would more than impress me.

    Just the jump from 1440x900 to 1920x1080 should be nice. :) I suppose I could have waited for 1920x1200 monitors to come down in price someday, but... well I had the itch and had to scratch it. :)
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