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Can someone help explain some SIMILARITIES between AMD and Intel processors?
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  1. Both are made by elves from magic pixie dust. Neither has a driver's licence. Both were raised in good, caring families. They dated the same woman, though neither married her. They like Wheatabix. They didn't vote in the last election. They both slept on the floor after a real good party. Neither of them drink tea, they both like their coffee black. They both like long walks on the beach and both choose rum and coke over beer-especially Heineken.
    Overall pretty similar, just run with a different crowd. Intel likes chick flicks, AMD is into old John Wayne and action movies.
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    Perhaps the OP should specify which model of CPU he wants comparisons for, then Google for the answer?
  4. From what I know they are pretty different in pretty much everything? down to the way they handle processes, but yea other than that...I would pretty much go with pixie dust, seems logical to me :)
  5. Sounds like someone wants us to write their CS101 homework paper for them.. :o
  6. yeah, Intel and AMD are competitors, they both try to sell stuff, so they are similar AND different at the same time! The End...
  7. Quote:
    Can someone help explain some SIMILARITIES between AMD and Intel processors

    there both shaped like a square LOL
  8. megatitanium14 said:
    Can someone help explain some SIMILARITIES between AMD and Intel processors?

    Functionally, they are nearly identical. They are both x86/x86_64 processors with a similar L1+L2(+L3 on some models) cache arrangement, transistor size, clock speeds, and nearly identical SIMD extensions and performance. Basically, you can drop in an AMD CPU + motherboard in a unit that previously had an Intel CPU and motherboard and unless you look in the system properties to see what CPU is in there, you'd be hard-pressed to tell any difference.

    There are probably fewer differences than there are similarities. Here are the notable differences I can think of between the CPUs:

    - They use different motherboards due to using different sockets and different chipsets.
    - The Core i7s have HyperTreading, which AMD processors do not.
    - All modern AMD processors have an onboard memory controller, while only the Intel chips to have one is the i7. The rest of Intel's CPUs have a frontside bus.
    - The heatsinks for each chip have a different mounting mechanism, although certain aftermarket heatinks can fit both kinds of chips.
    - Some Intel dual-core and quad-core chips have unified level 2 cache (Core Duo/Core 2 Duo and Quad) while all AMD duals and quads and the rest of Intel's duals and quads (Pentium D, Core i7) have independent L2 caches.
    - AMD has never made an MCM processor, while Intel has (Pentium D, Core 2 Quad).
    - They use different virtual machine extensions (Intel VT vs. AMD SVM)
    - The very latest processors have slightly different SIMD instructions (AMD has SSE4a vs. Intel's SSE 4.1 and 4.2).
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  10. Reynod said:
    Trust bloody MU to up and ruin it !!!

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    Some people asking questions like the one the OP asked are asking a legitimate question because they honestly don't know the answer and some are trying to just start a flamewar. I mostly assume the former and try to give a reasonable answer as there was a time when all of us were asking that type of a question.
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