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Ok well i have i have overclocked my phenom II x4 955 to 3.5ghz now and cpu on load stays at about 52c. I did over clock the gpu to 950/1400 and when i tryed to play game it did so for about a minute then comp forced a restart. i looked at ati overdrive it had set the gpu back to default. does this mean i tryed to overclock the gpu to high?
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  1. It works.. you changed something.. now it doesn't work

    Yah - The logical conclusion is you overclocked the card too far.
  2. yea im just trying to figure out how everyone gettin such good OC on there radeon 5770 and keeping it stable.
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    Well.. I tend to take overclock claims with a grain of salt because of... differences in what the individual deems acceptable stability. For example, one person may not stress test at all. While another may decide a system it not stable until it passes 24 hours of Prime 95, 24 Hours of OCCT, *and* 3~5 passes of Linx with no errors. Even screenshots of CPU-Z/GPU-Z aren't really "proof", since the system only needs to hold together long enough to take the picture.

    The second point is that - due to manufacturing tolerances being what they are - even supposedly identical components aren't necessarily equal to each other. Not to mention the quality of the motherboard, power supply, and other system components also matters.

    So, while other people's settings and benchies are definitely a guideline, they are certainly not gospel. And just because Jack gets 4.2Ghz on Air at 1.2 volts, doesn't mean that Jill can.

    Think of Overclocking as in Iterative process: Overclock a little, test for stability, Overclock a little more and repeat your tests, etc. So what I would do at this point is go back to stock and pick a couple points in between to stop at and check stability on your way to your target.
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  5. sweet thanks yea thats what im trying now i put the gpu at 900/1350. will prime95 tell me if gpu is stable as well or does that just work for cpu? and if not is there anything that will push the card to the limit and test see if its stable?
  6. For GPU test, I believe FurMark is the most accepted software. :)
  7. What GPU are you using? For mine, I hit a wall on memory speed long before core speed so just know you don't necessarily need to change both. Try keeping one at a lower and for sure stable setting, then raise the other until a stress test screws up. Pick a lower setting, and then raise the other.
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