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What temps are acceptable on full load for gpu? I have a Sapphire 5770 and have reached a high of 89c on full load with msi kombustor.
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  1. You should definitely turn your fan up a bit to keep it under 80C. It's somewhat ok in the 80s but really not worth risking a meltdown. Supposedly, they can handle up to 100C but that seems insane to me. If you're using MSI Afterburner, try setting manual fan speeds. I have mine set to top out at 70% fan at 79C. Works nicely, and you can also add points for different steppings so like keep the fan from 25% to 40% from 40C to 65C, then go from 40% to 70% from 65C to 79C
  2. ok if i set fan to manual and say I put at 75%. does that mean it will always run 75% or just top out at 75%?
  3. Well, depends how you set it. If you go into Settings, there's a fan speed tab and you can adjust it to raise along with the temps so that it idles low and quiet. If you simply move the bar on the main menu, then yea it'll just stick there.
  4. Okone more question I got what ya saying about fan control in the settings thats pretty nice. question is would it hurt anything if i replace the current thermal grease on the gpu with some artic silver 5? and would this even help improve temps at all?
  5. Hmm I can't say I've heard of anyone doing that, but it may be possible. I doubt it would gain you much but maybe try doing some searchs to see if anyone else has done it.
  6. k yea was curious cause even putting the fan at 100% with my current OC im still hitting 89c that was running furmark for 20 min. I have A sapphire 5770, not the vapor x
  7. Well at least you're stable. Luckily while gaming your temps are a lot less, in my case about 10C less. Try running a game, after 10 mins minimize or close it and open Afterburner, check what the graph shows for frames and temps to see if it's fairly stable and how hot it is. Personally I don't know that I would be comfortable running that hot, but my card is different (Sapphire 5850).
    Also, just a tip, instead of running the GPU OCed all the time, make a profile that is just the stock settings, and then from the try icon you can load up the OC profile to game but otherwise use the stock one to keep temps down and prolong life.
  8. ok so here is what i did, i went ahead removed the heatsink from gpu. I removed all the old thermal paste and applied some artic silver 5. I ran furmark for an hour and needless to see it helped temps alot droped it 10c went from being 89 full load to 79c full load?
  9. Those Temps are still A bit High my man... You Might want to turn down your OC Or do some advanced Fan Mapping (Mine goes up to 85% @ 65'C)
  10. 89C is very hot. You want to be closer to 75C to ensure your graphics cards don't die in a few months.
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